The “Million Dollar” Idea

“How can this idea that I have cause me to be financially independent?”

“I am tired of getting up in the morning and working for someone else when I know that I can make more doing my own thing.”

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? You may think that you don’t have the skill set to take you to the independent level. I believe that you do!

One thing that has really helped to get through the wave-pool of ideas is writing. When I get a new idea, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, I write it in my notebook that I carry around, or I make a note in my phone.  Your phone is a very valuable tool that you will most likely have with you at all times.  I have even taken the time to make voice recordings of some of the thoughts and concepts that I have had.  Oftentimes when driving, I put my phone on record and just ramble off some of my thoughts.  When I go back and listen to them later, I can see how far I have come and what I need to tweak. This has helped me tremendously during the times when I think that things are stagnant. I often say, “Oh yeah. I had forgotten that I went through that!” These recordings remind me to be thankful and to keep going.

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