Let’s Get Your Idea Going!

Getting your journey started may not be the prettiest thing ever. Do not be afraid to take that first leap of faith.

Yes. I said that “first leap of faith”. The journey to entrepreneurship consists of several faith leaps. The first one may be one of the most nerve-wrecking, but it is worth it! Starting your path may not mean that you are quitting your job. It could mean that you are refocusing in your current position to design a foundation for your dreams.
Let’s put this in simple terms. Mainly, we use our jobs to pay our bills and live. At some point, that lifestyle has a glass ceiling. Not many of us have the type of jobs that will make us financially secure. Let’s say that you are the highest paid employee at the company, but “an employee” is what you will always be. When you have the urge to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss, the use of your job will change. Start using your job to build capital and build relationship for your goals. Networking is a key ingredient to being a successful entrepreneur.

Now what do you need to take your idea to the next phase?

1. Commitment

With all the ideas that you have in your head on how to quit your job, which one do you choose? Which one will finally make you successful?
You have to reach a point where you commit. So many people miss this step and end up at a job they cannot stand for decades longer than they hoped because they would not try to execute their ideas to make them a reality.
At one of my last jobs, a group of us would meet after work and bounce ideas off of each other and talk about businesses that we would like to pursue. Everyone brought in great plans and even began the leg work to get some of the businesses going. The main thing that was missing was commitment. I believe that some people put their visions “on the back-burner” because they expect their vision to match their income. This is not always the case when starting out. Ask yourself, “Are you willing to sacrifice to make your vision a reality?” Answer this honestly before tackling the next part of your plan.

2. Execution

I’m sure that your idea has your brain going 100 mph right now. Let’s get it under control. This is like taking a shotgun blast and bringing it down to a sniper shot. The key is focus. How can we simplify all of these thought processes and break them down so that it can be explained or presented? If you have watched “The Social Network”, you will see Mark Zuckerberg running back to his PC when he gets a new idea. We don’t necessarily have to do that these days. Utilize your phone and apps to keep track of your “brilliant” moments of clarity. One app that has been very handy for me is Evernote. Of course, it is a free app. No matter where I am, I can quickly save my genius moments without having to figure out what I was thinking later. Click the image to get started with Evernote. Thank me later. Let’s go on to step 3.

3. Promote

Now, it’s time to tell someone about your greatness. Everyone may not be receptive when you first express your sheer excitement. Keep going! You need to find and test your target audience to see what you need to do going forward, what you need to change, and how you need to promote your concept. Put something in people’s hands or in their heads. Get them thinking about your new venture. Setup a new Instagram account. Start a Facebook business page. Create a new email address. Post content to each social media platform where your target audience lives and engages. These are free ways to get people to see and share your perception of your newfound goals. Promote yourself!

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